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Check out coverage of HomeSell in the media. - 15 June

Here's what you need to know if you're buying a house from a private seller

Kevin Lampen-Smith, Chief Executive of the Real Estate Authority, outlines what you need to know when buying a home from a private seller. "In short, a private sale is nothing to be afraid of as long as you do all the necessary homework and work very closely with your lawyer and the seller to achieve an outcome that everyone is happy with." Read more - 17 March

How we sold our home by ourselves

It was a very typical Auckland day weather-wise.

Rain, wind, trepidation, and a lot of people wearing black. But then, out came the sun just in time for the auction.

And with the sun around 60 people sat, sprawled-out and stood on our front deck and lawn as the birds we'd promised in the advertising flittered around, harvesting the last of the tomatoes.... more 24 February

How to: sell your own property

We live in Auckland. Every week we are bombarded by stories about how the prices of Auckland houses are going up, up and away. And every week our mailbox is graced by the flyer of one real estate agent or another asking to sell our home. I'm not kidding. Every. Week.

It feels like there is a fair amount of demand out there. Which is why, now the time has come to put our property on the market in line with our build schedule, we've chosen to market and sell ourselves... more

NZ Herald 25 July:

House buyers flock to tweets

Their property has seen two busy open homes and 3000 views on Trade Me, all without the help of a real estate agent. Annabel and Elton McAleer listed their three-bedroom duplex at 2/80A Captain Scott ... more

NZ Herald 26 July:

Small business: SMEs hiring staff - Chris Caldwell

HomeSell owner Chris Caldwell, talking about the challenges of a getting the right staff for a growing company...more

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