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Buyers' guide

Our FREE Buyers’ Guide steers you through the purchasing process – from your first viewing to celebrating your first night in your new home!

What should you look out for when you’re viewing a home? How do you make an offer? How can you successfully buy at auction? And what about getting finance?

For all you need to know about buying a property, see the links below or phone us on 0800 003 001 with any questions.

If you know what you are doing and simply wish to get the offer process started with a HomeSell listing, feel free to complete our non-binding 'Expression of interest' and send through to the seller.

Deciding what you want

There’s no doubt you already know some of the features you want in a home, but have you thought about other fundamentals like location, type of dwelling and how much land you want. You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you know what you’re looking for, before you look.

Tips on what to look for when viewing

Once you have a list of properties that meet your initial criteria, HomeSell has prepared some tips to make sure you are not buying something which is unsuitable.

Arranging finance

You’ll probably look at many properties before you find the home you want. It pays to be just as careful when seeking a home loan.

Doing your homework

So you’ve found the perfect home and now it’s time to look seriously at what you are actually buying. Here are some key things to check out before signing on the dotted line.

How to make an offer on a private sale property

You like the look of the property you have just viewed and have already started working out where the couch will go, but how do you make an offer.

Guide to buying at Auction

You like the look of a property listed with HomeSell advertised as 'Auction (unless sold prior)' do you take the next step?

Settlement & moving in

Settlement date is fast approaching and you've organised the movers...what else is there to consider?

What is a LIM report and why should you get one?

A LIM or Land Information Memorandum is a report issued by the local city or district council which provides a summary of all the information that local authority has on file about that property, in particular, all works on the property that council has had involvement in.

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