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Seller FAQs

There is loads more information on our website about selling privately with Homesell, but here we answer some of those common questions.

How long has Homesell been helping people sell privately?

Since February 2002, thousands of properties have been marketed privately using HomeSell - saving owners millions in real estate fees. By cutting out the Ďmiddle maní private sellers are discovering just how easy they can achieve a successful outcome, commission-free.


What is your success rate?

Statistically, our clients have achieved confirmed sales at a similar rate to that achieved by a real estate agents. This rate can fluctuate depending on property market conditions.


What happens if I need help?

Our staff are there to support you throughout the entire marketing process. If you have any questions on any aspect, then we are only a phone call or email away.


Real Estate agents say that buyers donít like dealing with private sales

Well they would say that wouldn't they! Our success rates donít indicate this at all and in fact many buyers say how much they enjoyed talking to the owners about things that only they would know. HomeSell customers are kitted out with everything required to make it simple and comfortable for the buyers.

Does this take up a lot of time?

Regardless of the method you use to market your home, it will still involve a tidy up and some market research on pricing. Whether you hold your own Open Home or fill in an hour wondering how many people went through with an agent, it is still a similar time commitment and saving $15,000-$20,000+ in real estate fees* is a pretty good hourly rate.


Why do I need Homesell to help me sell privately?

HomeSell provides affordable marketing packages designed to save you time, money & effort (consultancy, signage, brochures, photography, sales data, online & print media exposure and more). We make it easy for the seller & most importantly we make it simple and comfortable for the buyer. HomeSell provides helpful advice, combined with years of experience & success in private sales.

Call us today for more information or request a HomeSell info pack by clicking on below

*based on average real estate commission as a % of the average NZ house price

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