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Stunning photos make all the difference!

Whether yours is a multi-million dollar property or a first-time buyer’s dream, professional real estate photography is a critical component in creating greater buyer interest.

Proper lighting techniques, good composition, and some tricks of the trade, ensure your property looks its absolute best, while staying true to its actual condition and features.

Most buyers are tech savvy and hungry for information, making professional photography so important in terms of attracting buyer interest and maintaining their interest after the viewing.

Some of the key elements in making your property photos stand out include:


Interior Angles and Lighting

If not taken with professional equipment, interior photos can often look dark/dull and cramped (see the image above left). Using proper lighting equipment and ultra-wide angle lens professionals are able to balance the light and capture the whole space much more effectively (above right), in order to better reflect the ambiance of a room and bring it to life!


Aerial Photography ***

For the right property and situation, aerial shots can help a buyer get a better feel for a property and improve sales potential. Excellent for lifestyle/rural properties where boundaries can be added, or urban homes on steep sites where it's difficult to capture that great shot from the ground level or elevated pole.


Wide angle photography*

Professional ultra wide angle equipment is a vital part of real estate photography. Wide angle (not stretched) shots enable browsers to get a sense of the space and proportions of a property and allow the browser to gain a much better understanding of the layout.


Elevated Photography*

Elevated shots provide added impact! Ideal for properties that are hidden from view or cannot be captured effectively from ground level. This extra point of difference can provide a real marketing edge.


Twilight photography*

For an additional fee**, HomeSell can arrange twilight photography which is excellent for showcasing exterior and interior views, emphasising the intense rich colour and dramatic shades of light. It can also be useful for properties where daytime shading is an issue at certain times of the year.

If you wish to know more about how to prepare your home for property photography email us or call 0800 003 001 to receive HomeSell's 'Tips and tricks' sheet.

* Available in most areas of New Zealand. Contact Homesell for more information.

** Fee will vary depending on location of property

*** Available on request and at an additional cost depending on location of property

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