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Buyer FAQs

Buying a property listed through HomeSell is not something most people do every day, so here we answer some of those common questions.

Whose name and contact details are on the HomeSell property listing I've just seen?

All HomeSell properties are being sold privately, so the contact details are generally those of the property owner (or their representative such as a parent, solicitor, friend etc).

How can I make an offer?

There are various ways to make an offer on a private sale property. See our 'How to make an offer' information in the 'Buyers' Guide' section of this website for more detailed information.

How do I view a Homesell property?

Just like a regular agent listing, HomeSell properties will be advertised as 'Phone to view' or they will be running open homes on certain days/times. Check the web listing for current viewing instructions details or phone the owner direct.

Will the owner be negotiable on their price?

Most HomeSell customers are simply looking to achieve a fair price for their property. It's up to the seller whether they are willing to negotiate a lower price, however you don't know until you ask, so give it a try...they don't generally bite!

Feel free to submit an 'Expression of interest' to the buyer (using the HomeSell form which is non legally binding), as this can be a good way to start the ball rolling.

How do I buy a HomeSell listed property at Auction?

See our 'Guide to buying at Auction' information in the Buyers' Guide section for full details.

I'm not sure I want to negotiate direct with the owner; is there any other way?

If you don't feel like negotiating with the seller direct, have your lawyer submit a formal Sale & Purchase agreement to the sellers lawyer (their lawyers details are normally on the property brochure). This formalises the process and puts a third party in the middle, which for some people is more comfortable. Lawyers will generally do this as part of their overall conveyancing fee for the purchase, but check with them if they have any additional charges. Alternatively, email the seller an Expression of interest to get the ball rolling.

When should I get my lawyer involved?

You don't need to get your lawyer involved until you are ready to submit a formal offer, or need to review one that the seller has had drawn up. It is very important to have your lawyer check any agreement BEFORE you sign it.

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